Make Email List Rental Work For You

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Make Email List Rental Work For You

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Many companies make the mistake of thinking their target Email list audience is a small niche of people. If Sally sells seashells by the seashore, then who is her target market? Seashell buyers by the seashore, right? What about a daughter living in the city that wants to buy seashells for her parent's beach house? She may not live near the beach nor is she a regular Email list seashell buyer, but either way you look Email list at it, she wants to buy seashells and therefore, she is a prospect (and potential money in Sally's pocket). Don't limit yourself to just a small perceived niche.

Discounts are always a great Email list way of getting some traffic through your door. Think about your past promotions. What promotions worked the best with your current customers? Was it a "buy one, get one free" or a "$10 off" coupon? Utilizing what has worked best with your current customers will almost certainly work with new customers Email list as well. It has to be compelling enough for folks to wan Email listt to check you out - visit your store or take some time to look at your website. We also can't stress this enough - your offer needs to be clear, concise and to the point. Quick scan-ability is key. When you look at your offer, is it buried under a wall of text or is it bold, big and in your face?


The content of your email should not only incorporate Email list your main offer, but should also give your readers a reason to believe that you are a reputable company. Remember these people don't know who you are, so give them a reason to trust you - fast. You don't need to give the entire history Email list of how the company was founded, who the owner is, how many employees there are, blah, blah, blah...but, something simple like "Serving the people of Lane countyEmail list for 10 years" or "20 years in business" puts the message out there quickly that you are an established business

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For product enhancement requests you should also notify IBM directly. Though many IBMers do read the website, Id still say send it to them to be sure it gets added to the list.

And by the way, I agree